A long run through the fields on a foggy November morning. Far-reaching from the mundane,everyday life which deadens the mind,but now ,fortunately time has given us a chance to pause, to reflect, to get to know ourselves much better. Let me begin by telling my story,perhaps everything began when I was a child, chasing a ball in my courtyard simulating "make-believe" football competitions, or perhaps putting down tin-cans and timing myself while doing a slalom on my roller-skates.

Skiing is and always has been the sport which reflects my inner-most soul and my true self. Every-time I put on my skiing jacket ,every-time the wind blows, every-time there is a heavy snow-fall,there I am trying to discover the world and all its wonders I've realised that each time I go skiing I've gained something more something more profound from this experience.

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