private ski-lessons for children?

The teaching of skiing to children can be considered in all respects a gym and a field to explore rich in resources and reasons for growth

The teaching of skiing to children can be considered in all respects a gym and a field to explore rich in resources and reasons for growth. For the ski instructor this type of relationship requires absolute attention and impeccable professionalism.

Even if only for a few hours, the teacher encounters variegated universes during the lesson from which to extract reasons for deep reflection and must be able to provide a set of rules and examples that go well beyond sports practice alone. The topic is so vast and stimulating that there is a concrete possibility of writing a book; I prefer to devote myself to some more dynamic interventions such as articles in specialized magazines, as the discoveries in the field of teaching and of the person are constantly enriched with novelties and researches with surprising results. Entering specifically I would deal with the subject of teaching to children dividing it in two moments: the initial approach to the snow and the lesson and as a second stage the management of experiences when the young students have already acquired a discrete autonomy of movement. The first point is extremely delicate and the variables that must be taken into account are many: all the elements of the new world that the child is going to meet must be evaluated with extreme care. The student must come from previous experiences of sliding in the snow, from sledging to bobsledding and having drawn joy and fun. The first day of lessons and later most of the following, must be experienced in favorable environmental and weather conditions; every minor nuance that to us adults seems not significant, raises in the child fundamental echoes for the aggregation of the memories and therefore of the idea that one will have of the ski. Parents should feel the desire of their children to meet the snow, to really want to try to slip on skis. Parents have a rather difficult task: not to project their expectations, anxieties and even worse fears on children. The injections of trust and the enhancement of the potential of the students are fundamental. Entering emphatically into their world and recognizing their references and needs helps to structure the foundations of a solid and enjoyable experience. I always recommend individual lessons at the beginning.

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